Lynda’s Story


For Lynda, the enticement of gambling began with the introduction of pokies in Melbourne in 1992. What started as a casual pastime quickly spiraled into an addiction, consuming her nights and straining her relationships. The financial toll became evident as she resorted to misappropriating funds from her workplace to fuel her habit.

Despite facing legal consequences and personal turmoil, Lynda found it challenging to fully give up gambling. It provided her temporary comfort by masking the pain and stress she was experiencing.

However, when faced with the prospect of playing a meaningful role in her grandson’s life, Lynda was set on turning her life around. With unwavering determination, she made the bold decision to quit gambling cold turkey. It was a pivotal moment that marked the beginning of her recovery journey.

Today, Lynda serves as a beacon of hope, proving that life after gambling is not only possible but also fulfilling. Through her story, Lynda reminds us that recovery is a journey marked by courage, perseverance, and the unwavering belief in the possibility of a better future.

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This is a real-life story of someone who opened up and talked about the harm they were experiencing and got the support they needed. Originally posted on and credited to Gambler's Help.

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