9/28/2021 by Dan Sokulski
If you hang around the rooms of 12-step programs or treatment centers, you will likely hear many say something like, “I am a grateful recovered alcoholic,” or “every day I thank God that I’m an addict.” To someone outside recovery circles, this may seem like a clashing sentiment. Why would anyone be grateful for all the angst and pain that accompanies an addiction?
9/21/2021 by Toni Randall
My son Elijah died one month before his 22nd birthday. This is a sample of what I shared on Facebook right after he died. I wanted 100 people to share it and I hoped it would help one person. To my surprise, it has had more than 9,600 shares. I became an advocate overnight. I continue to share “Eli-ism’s” because no one should have to endure a loss as I have. That his family has. That his friends have.
9/7/2021 by Kevin Garner, M.D
People who are aware of Chestnut’s services know that we offer help for those who suffer from mental illness and substance use disorder; however, many still don’t realize that Chestnut has a Family Health Center that offers primary medical care for all ages and genders. Primary care services are available not only to our current clients with mental health and substance use issues but also to the public at large...Read more...
9/6/2021 by Molly Robey, Ph.D.
According to the historian Jill Lepore, the term “burnout” did not exist until 1973. That was when Herbert J. Freudenberger used the term to describe the peculiar kind of exhaustion among healthcare workers at the San Francisco free clinic he managed. The syndrome that Freudenberger described seemed to mainly affect workers in the helping professions. His own staff worked long days with people living on the margins...read more...
8/31/2021 by Joan Hartman
Too often, I sit in meetings and discuss how we can decrease or ideally eliminate stigma. I can’t even begin to tell you the number of hours I have spent in these discussions over the past four decades. Encouraging people to become support systems has such a significant, positive impact on people recovering from mental health and substance use disorders. That is what keeps me involved in these discussions and stops me from giving up.
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