Grundy and Will Counties

In the Joliet area, Chestnut provides evidence-based youth prevention education in schools and helps coalitions to create healthy, drug-free communities through the Strategic Prevention Framework. The primary funder is the Illinois Department of Human Services.

Youth Prevention Education

Guiding Good Choices
Guiding Good Choices is a research-based drug prevention program that provides parents of children ages 9 to 14 with the knowledge they need to guide their children through early adolescence. A bilingual Chestnut staff member delivers this program in Spanish to parents at Sator Sanchez Elementary School in Joliet.

Project Toward No Drug Abuse (TND)
Project TND is a drug use prevention program for high school youth and is designed to help students develop skills such as self-control, communications, and decision-making. A bilingual Chestnut staff member delivers this program in Spanish to students at Joliet Township High School, Central Campus.

Too Good For Drugs (TGFD)
TGFD is a school-based prevention program for students in kindergarten through 12th grade that builds on students' resiliency by teaching them how to be socially competent and autonomous problem solvers. Chestnut staff members deliver the TGFD curriculum to Joliet School District 86 students at A.O. Marshall Elementary School (5th grade), Gompers Junior High School (6th and 7th grade), Sator Sanchez Elementary School (5th grade), and Isaac Singleton Elementary School (5th grade).


Behavioral Health Alliance of Grundy County

Braidwood Area Healthy Communities Coalition

Hispanic Latino Coalition

Wilmington Coalition for a Healthy Community

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