A-CRA has been implemented at more than 470 organizations in the United States and several other countries. There is a well-developed training and certification process for clinicians and clinical supervisors that includes regular coaching, online learning, and feedback after the initial training.

Clinicians and supervisors are routinely asked for their feedback regarding the training and certification process, and their comments have helped improve the training process. Below are samples of feedback from clinicians and supervisors:

  • From a clinician who attended an initial training: "This was one of the best trainings I have been to. I believe it has to do with a combination of factors including that it was very well organized, had trainers who work well together and with us, and have a sense of humor, very knowledgeable trainers experienced at what they are teaching, and a nice combination of didactic and interactive teaching."
  • From a clinical supervisor in Virginia:  "I think this is an excellent process that thoroughly prepares clinicians to learn and to implement A-CRA. I have been trained and implemented four to five evidence-based models in the past 10 years, and the A-CRA training and certification process is far and away the strongest of any model that I have been involved in."
  • From a clinical supervisor in California: "I can assure you that all of my A-CRA staff members feel that they have grown as clinicians during the certifying process. The substance of the training has added value to the clinical structure of my agency as a whole by providing a way to define and organize clinical interventions and facilitating clinical communication. There is an added benefit to the model in its time-limited, curriculum-oriented format, which I think can do much to lower the barrier of treatment acceptance by non-Western populations. This is a problem that has stymied the field for a long time. Thank you again for the opportunity to be a part of this project. I look forward to continued collaboration and successes."