Bayu’s Story


It all started innocently at the age of seventeen when Bayu accompanied a friend to a bar, only to discover a TAB inside. What began as a casual outing soon spiraled into a consuming habit. Bayu found himself gambling more than he could afford, oblivious to the mounting financial strain until he couldn't even afford food.

The realization hit hard when his friend confronted him about his excessive gambling. Bayu was caught in a cycle of sadness, exclusion, and shame, feeling trapped with no way out. The stigma surrounding gambling addiction only intensified his feelings of hopelessness.

However, Bayu's journey took a turn when he found the courage to confide in a friend. The compassion and support he received ignited a spark of change within him. Opening up not only relieved his burden but also paved the way for a path to recovery.

Bayu emphasizes the importance of reaching out and speaking up about gambling addiction. While it may be daunting, he highlights the transformative power of finding the right person to confide in. Through trust and openness, Bayu discovered that there is hope and support available for those struggling with addiction.

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This is a real-life story of someone who opened up and talked about the harm they were experiencing and got the support they needed. Originally posted on and credited to Gambler's Help.

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