Chestnut Health Systems' staff have assisted in the development and implementation of numerous media campaigns, including both social norm and communication campaigns. Social norm campaigns employ specific promotional and marketing techniques in an effort to change misperception regarding substance use/abuse among the targeted community member population. In addition, communication campaigns seek to change knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors among their target populations.

Media campaigns are based on Illinois Youth Survey data and have been proven to be effective in impacting:

  • Reduction of 30-day use rates of alcohol by youth;
  • Increased perceived risk of harm from substance use;
  • Decreased perception of peer use of substances;
  • Increased communication between parents and youth regarding “NO USE” messages.

Youth Prevention Education

Youth Prevention Education (YPE) involves the use of evidence-based curricula for youth ages 11-18. Substance Abuse Prevention Program staff implement this strategy in an effort to increase youth’s knowledge of substance-related risks and consequences and to increase youth’s skill in resisting alcohol and other drugs. Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program staff also implement an evidence-based curriculum in an effort to increase both knowledge and resistance skills in the area of teen pregnancy and sexuality. Chestnut staff utilizes curricula approved by the Department of Human Services.