Chestnut Health Systems’ housing program is guided by our mission: “Making a Difference: Improving quality of life through excellence in service.” Our programs and services promote recovery, health, vitality, and productivity among individuals, families, and organizations. 

Chestnut Health Systems’ housing programs aim to ensure that persons with a mental illness or co-occurring disorder have safe, suitable, affordable housing and that they gain skills and help so that they can stay in permanent housing and achieve greater self-determination.

These programs combine clinical, community support and case management services as well as facilitate a supportive environment by providing direct assistance in meeting basic needs and improving independent living skills to increase their level of daily social and/or vocational functioning.

Programs in Madison and St. Clair Illinois Counties

Families in Safe Recovery

Families in Safe Recovery is a HUD-funded permanent, supportive housing program for homeless women or men with co-occurring disorders and their children. Resident goals are to achieve residential stability to increase skills and/or income and to obtain greater self-determination.

Services provided include:

    • Safe, stable, permanent housing
    • Group-based and individual substance abuse education and counseling
    • Psychiatric and mental health treatment
    • Family counseling
    • Parenting classes
    • Assistance with vocational/educational services
    • Motivational enhancement
    • Intensive case management
    • Life skills education