The primary goal of Community Support Services is to help persons who have mental illness in their efforts to increase independent functioning and quality of life by providing them with support, life skill development, access to local resources and treatment.

Most of our Community Support Services are provided in the community or in the person’s home. Each client is assigned a Community Support Specialist who helps with a variety of tasks, including:

  • Learning and performing activities of daily living (i.e. hygiene, money management, budgeting, laundry, grocery shopping)
  • Representative payeeship
  • Assistance trying to locate housing or shelter
  • Support and advocacy
  • Assistance with public entitlements (i.e. Social Security, Medicaid)
  • Family intervention
  • Support and education
  • Education on psychiatric diagnosis and treatment options
  • Skill-building in natural settings
  • Assistance linking to or accessing community resources
  • Medication monitoring
  • Training and linkage to other services like vocational, counseling, skill-building groups and psychiatric services