Housing services are consumer-centered and recovery-oriented; designed to meet the basic needs and spiritual desires of the consumer and family and to provide for the treatment of co-occurring disorders. Consumers are encouraged to consider supported housing as their home versus a treatment center, with staff functioning as "helpers" to live as independently as possible.

The philosophy of Chestnut housing is supported by a foundation of goals. The underlying value of these goals guides the practices at our housing facilities. Housing and assistance offered serves to assist persons transitioning from homelessness to permanent housing and to enable them to live as independently as possible. The core goals that drive the practices are:

  • To help consumers obtain and remain in permanent, decent, safe, affordable housing.
  • To help consumers increase their independent living skills.
  • To help consumers achieve greater self-determination or the ability to make their own decisions. Achieving a greater sense of free will enables consumers to gain the needed confidence to make the transition out of the homelessness or institutionalization to permanent housing including instillment of hope and self-empowerment.