MyMoneyCheckUp® is a FREE financial resource tool for consumers designed to provide an assessment of a consumer’s overall financial health and behavior in four designated areas of personal finance: budgeting and credit management, saving and investing, planning for retirement, and managing home equity.

This new tool was created to align with the US Treasury’s Financial Education Core Competencies and is an example of a successful collaboration between community-based nonprofit organizations, academic institutions, and the public and private sectors.

The tool provides customized feedback to users, allowing individuals and families to monitor and assess their financial lives, and consequently, adjust their behaviors in order to maximize their economic empowerment. After answering a series of topic-specific questions, a personalized assessment of the individual’s overall financial health and associated behaviors is generated. With areas of concern identified, the analysis suggests changes that consumers are encouraged to implement in order to become more financially independent. Individuals can also complete an optional budget to further help them assess their financial health.

How MyMoneyCheckUp® Works

  • Consumers are asked a series of concise questions related to their financial behavior in four key areas: budgeting and credit management, saving and investing, planning for retirement, and managing home equity. Questions are carefully designed and validated to reflect financial behaviors relevant to low and moderate-income households.
  • They are then asked previously validated questions (from prior research) related to financial literacy. This allows for a more complete and accurate snapshot of the consumers’ financial well-being and allows for an exploration of the link between financial literacy and financial behaviors.
  • Lastly, consumers are provided with a computer-generated analysis of their overall financial health based on the financial information they provided, and their responses to the financial questions. The analysis highlights areas of potential weakness that could benefit from additional financial planning, education, or counseling sessions.
  • MyMoneyCheckUp® is FREE. 

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