Chestnut Credit Counseling Services (CCCS) provides periodic reports to the client. This is a summary of monies disbursed to each creditor. Our success is measured in several ways: 

  • We are successful when clients complete their repayment program.
  • We are successful when clients feel a sense of accomplishment as they see a reduction in credit card balances.
  • We are successful when clients experience relief from creditor phone calls and frequent demand letters.
  • We are successful when we help each client regain financial control over his or her credit card bills.

NOTE: If you have already counseled with us and need the Debt Management Plan Enrollment forms to sign up, please click on the following link to download and review:  

Debt Management Plan Enrollment Forms 

Chestnut Credit Counseling Services is a non-profit service agency consisting of professional credit counselors, dedicated to enable all individuals to reduce budgetary stress and regain financial control. Our objective is to provide consumer education confidential budget counseling and/or debt management programs, regardless of income or amount of debt through personal contact in a timely manner at convenient locations. We do not lend money.