To offer services to all segments of the client population regardless of their ability to pay full fees for services.


  1. Counselors, after completing the evaluation of the consumer’s financial situation, will determine a need for fee reduction on a case-by-case basis, based upon the consumer’s individual financial need. Counselors will refer to CCCS Fee Reduction Guidelines and completed client profile to determine client eligibility. If the client does not meet the standard selection criteria, the counselor may make an exception and reduce fees further than the standard indicates. (See Situational Guidelines for fee reduction below.)
  2. Program Coordinator will review fee reductions periodically to ensure procedure is being followed.
  3. If a fee reduction is offered to a consumer, documentation is placed in the client file, stating the reduction and the reason for the reduction.

Situational Guidelines including, but not limited to, the following are presumed to be entitled to a fee reduction 

  • Those that meet the Department of health and Human Services poverty guidelines for the 48 contiguous states:

    • Persons in Family/Household: 1                Poverty Guideline: $12,490
    • Persons in Family/Household: 2                Poverty Guideline: $16,910
    • Persons in Family/Household: 3                Poverty Guideline: $21,300
    • Persons in Family/Household: 4                Poverty Guideline: $25,750
    • Persons in Family/Household: 5                Poverty Guideline: $30,170
    • Persons in Family/Household: 6                Poverty Guideline: $34,590

  • Those with a fixed income such as social security or a disability recipient.
  • Client does not have any areas where expenses may be cut without causing a hardship on the family (as deemed appropriate by Credit Counselor).
  • Full-time students with reduced income.