Persons experiencing withdrawal from alcohol, abuse of prescribed medications, heroin and other street drugs meeting our admission criteria can safely be detoxified at one of our Crisis Stabilization units in Bloomington or Granite City, Illinois. 

Chestnut Health Systems provides 24-hour short term supervised care for persons aged 18 years and older experiencing withdrawal from most substances that do not require acute hospitalization. Admission to our Detox unit is voluntary. We accept only those individuals who choose to come to the unit. The facility is not prepared to work with persons who are experiencing serious medical problems or complications. The unit is staffed with nurses and behavioral technicians but it is not a hospital.

Persons may refer themselves for crisis/detox stabilization services or may be referred by hospitals, police departments, mental health agencies, social service agencies, and families.

Length of stay depends on withdrawal symptoms. During their stay on the unit, clients spend time in groups that meet six or more times each day. The groups provide education on topics helpful for persons in detox/recovery and clients are encouraged to attend and to participate actively.

Chestnut will provide the safe and supportive environment conducive to achieving stability to live a life free of substances.

The Medically Monitored Detox program has the following components:

  • Phone Screening: Clients can call and do a phone screening that will take about 15 minutes to determine the need for a face to face assessment and the possibility of admission to the Crisis Residential Unit (CRU).
  • Walk-In Detoxification Assessment: Individuals experiencing withdrawal or in need of medically monitored detoxification can meet with staff to determine whether a stay in the CRU would be helpful and appropriate.
  • Medically Monitored Detox Services: Clients experiencing withdrawal from alcohol or other mood-altering drugs meeting our admission criteria can safely be detoxified on the CRU. Our Detox unit is staffed 24 hours per day with trained nurses, medical assistants and counselors to provide safety and stability during this time of withdrawal.

We accept private pay, most private insurance, Medicaid, and a sliding scale payment fee. Please note that coverage for these services varies. Please check with your insurance company about coverage.

Medically Monitored Detoxification Services Brochure - Bloomington

Medically Monitored Detoxification Services Brochure - Granite City