The Future of William White Papers Website


This image, which has greeted visitors to my website since its inception in 2009, will soon have a new look.  The website has grown to include nearly all of my writings over the past half century, including all of my major papers and monographs on recovery advocacy, recovery management, and recovery-oriented systems of care. Also archived are more than 100 interviews with addiction treatment and recovery advocacy leaders and classic documents on the history of addiction treatment and recovery in the United States and in other countries.

The approach of my 75th birthday prompted considerable thought about the best way to ensure availability of these resources to future generations of recovery advocates and addiction professionals. Transferring future website oversight to Chestnut Health Systems was an obvious choice. I had been part of Chestnut’s founding in 1973, later co-founded its research and training division, and transferred thousands of books and documents from my library to create the Illinois Addiction Studies Archives within Chestnut. The leaders at Chestnut graciously accepted my request to ensure my papers and related historical documents would have a home far into the future. Special thanks are due Dave Sharar, Puneet Leekha, Lori Laughlin, Mark Godley, Lora Passetti, Kim Clower, and the staff of LRS for their personal and technical support through this process.

The new platform for the website will be launched in the very near future.  I’m sure there will be a few unexpected glitches amidst the transfer to the new platform, but we will work to get any such issues resolved as quickly as possible. Thanks to all of you for your continued support of my efforts to celebrate the growing varieties of recovery experience and to elevate recovery as the organizing fulcrum for the addictions field.