On the Shoulders of Giants


If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.
--Isaac Newton, 1675

Giants Shoulders of.jpg JEERAWAR SOMSOPIN

In a recent blog, I noted the sudden death of Dr. David Powell, a pioneer who spent more than four decades elevating the quality of addiction treatment in the United States and helping other countries develop recovery mutual aid networks and addiction treatment resources. David's death came only a few months after I had submitted an article for publication on the accelerating pace at which we are losing addiction treatment and recovery advocacy pioneers. That article has now been published in Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly. I invite you to take a few moments to read an abridged version of this article just posted on my website. The article profiles 35 people upon whose shoulders the infrastructure of our field has rested. These are the shoulders upon which today we stand. The profiled pioneers still have much to teach us through their publications and how they lived their lives in this most special of callings. Take a moment to honor the legacies they have left us by clicking here.